Social Skills

Navigating the process of talking with others, building relationships, and communicating effectively with others is really hard work.

a woman enjoying baking with two kids

There are thousands of variables to account for during an interaction with just two people. Over time most of us naturally progress, but for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) it can be like trying to communicate in a language they don’t speak. They can have difficulty observing verbal and non-verbal cues from others, regulating their own communication depending upon the situation, or experience anxiety because of the extra stress their system is under. The promising news is, like a foreign language, social skills can be learned so your child can make friends or successfully express themselves in a social setting.

Through participating in our social skills groups or interacting with siblings in a structured social setting your little one can gain skills and confidence to successfully communicate with others and build lasting friendships and relationships. We’ll work to find the most appropriate cohort for your child based upon age and developmental skill level. There will be overall group goals and individual goals and we will help foster peer interaction and activity in a fun and constructive manner.

We share Knowledge. We share Hope.

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