Applied Behavior Analysis

Hope starts here! At Hope Comprehensive we use evidence-based instructional practices based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

During the initial assessment, one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will meet with parents and/or caregivers to discuss family dynamics, routines, and concerns in a comprehensive fashion. They will then observe your child in one or two sessions to assess current skill levels and which areas of support can be most useful to the client and family. The initial assessment most often takes place in the home or clinic, yet if it is useful observation in the community (school, day care, etc) may be offered.

The family and BCBA will then partner to craft highly specific and individualized program goals for your child based upon the information collected throughout the intake and assessment process. This individualized program will outline the time commitment the family will be making each week and will evolve over time as your child develops.

Direct services will then begin- this will be ongoing therapy focused upon reaching outlined milestones and program goals previously discussed. Most therapy will be one on one therapy between one of our well-trained behavior technicians, however your assigned BCBA will also be supervising the behavior technician at least 10 percent of the time. Occasionally the BCBA will conduct one on one therapy with your child to mark progress, identify new programming opportunities, and observe skills generalization.

Additionally, parent training and social skills groups can be key components to your child’s individualized program. If our company is providing any other services to your child such as speech or occupational therapy we will look to identify opportunities to collaborate across disciplines to further aid in your family’s progress. We also believe that it’s important for the work we do to have positive affect throughout the day, which means we are committed to helping your child succeed in any setting and can provide direct support in school, going to the grocery store, or park.

ABA is a proven method that utilizes the understanding of how behavior develops and is influenced

Goals and skills can be learned through fun activities at home, in the clinic, and in the community. 

Experience ABA therapists offer a unique, individualized approach to help your child succeed. 

We spend time building rapport with your child, in order to earn their trust before we start building therapy goals. 

As your family is a critical part of your child’s environment, Hope also provides parents and siblings with training and support. 

You’re a vital part of your child’s ongoing progress and growth, and can help us design individualized, functional goals. 

We share Knowledge. We share Hope.

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