Parent Training

a woman helping kids with drawing

While high quality treatment programs conducted by our team of therapists can help contribute to your child’s progress, the time we spend with your child represents a small fraction of the hours within the day. Our parent training program empowers you to confidently lead your child in any situation.

Our staff of BCBAs and Case Managers will help guide you through general and specific situations either alongside your child within a therapy session or on a 1-on-1 format that can take place at a time convenient for you. You will partner with our staff to target progress in areas you would like help with and build consistency in how our therapy team and caregivers interact with your child.

You’ll be better equipped to help your child communicate without them resorting to problem behaviors and help instill confidence and independence in them. Over time your child will better progress in their natural home and social settings with the added reinforcement.

We share Knowledge. We share Hope.

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