Feeding Therapy

Meal times can be stressful for families when children have aversions to certain foods.

Tantrums can erupt at any moment if a child doesn’t want to eat food if it’s unfamiliar or they don’t like the smell, look, or taste. Sometimes kids will only want to eat their preferred foods and refuse to eat anything else; which can lead to the child not receiving the proper amount of nutrition for healthy physical and mental development.

At Hope, we aim to introduce new foods to your child’s diet and decrease an overreliance on any one type of food in order to decrease problem behaviors and tantrums that occur during mealtimes. Using behaviorally based feeding therapy along with incorporating learnings from our speech and occupational therapy departments, our goal is to help you navigate mealtimes with less stress and more enjoyment.

We’ll start with a caregiver interview to get an idea of what foods your child currently likes and doesn’t like and the goals the family has for that child. We then aim to help expand your child’s food preferences, introduce new foods, and decrease problem behaviors that occur during mealtimes.

We might start with your child smelling new foods

We might start with your child smelling new foods to become familiar with them and then work up to taking one bite of food. For the kids whose diet consists of only one type of food from one type of restaurant, we will introduce a similar type of food; or the same type of food from a slightly different restaurant. Methodically we’ll collect data on everything we do and track your child’s progress. Using incentives and motivators, we’ll work to help your family make progress in this key area. Together we can make meal time enjoyable for the whole family.

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