Occupational Therapy

It's hard work being a kid. Play time can be full of frustration when the toy won't move in the way the child wants it to.

closeup shot of a little boy with garden tools

Getting dressed can be stressful- that new shirt that mom just bought can feel so itchy and leads to tantrum. There’s a long list of reasons why some kids have trouble in areas that come naturally to others; and our talented team of occupational therapists (OTs) can help get to the root of the issue and help your child make progress.

If your child is very sensitive to loud noises, has trouble following verbal directions, gets upset in the course of daily routine tasks like dressing, bathing, washing hair, etc.; has a limited diet because he/she can’t stand the feel of certain foods, or appears clumsy or can’t sit still; then your child may benefit from occupational therapy services.

 Our team starts with a comprehensive OT evaluation where we will start with a parent/caregiver interview to identify a history of potential causes of sensory or other related issues (such as premature birth, birth injury/defect, traumatic injury, learning issues, ASD, behavior issues, broken bones or injury, developmental delays, neurological disease, etc).

The child will then be evaluated to establish a baseline and identify what tools would most benefit them. A comprehensive, tailored program will be developed with the goal of increasing self-esteem, independence, and functionality. Programs will help the child flourish in areas of play; school performance such as increasing ability to concentrate, how to use a computer, and improved handwriting; and activities of daily living such as eating or getting dressed.

We'll serve your family in a fun and enjoyable manner

We’ll serve your family in a fun and enjoyable manner as your child will use play to master hand-eye coordination, mastery of emotions, and help with fine motor skills. In our low-pressure environment we will work hard to ensure your child builds the necessary skillset for daily activities.

Our treatment specialties include:

• Sensory integration/processing
• Self regulation
• Praxis
• Motor planning
• Sequencing
• Bilateral coordination

• Fine motor coordination
• Dexterity
• Projected action sequences
• Ocular motor skills
• Oral motor skills

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