Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Speech and Language Problems

closeup shot of three kids and a man

Children with speech and language problems may have trouble sharing their thoughts with words or gestures. They may also have a hard time saying words clearly and understanding spoken or written language. Reading to your child and having her name objects in a book or read aloud to you can strengthen her speech and language […]

How to Help a Child With Delays in Motor Skills and When to Get Support

a little boy in black t shirt with a toy

Occupational therapy is not just for kids with disabilities, it can benefit a wide variety of children. Lisa Dahlstrom, 42, is worried about her 3-year old son, Levi, entering preschool this fall. He has little interest in picking up a pencil or crayon, and when he does, he still holds it in a toddler’s fisted […]

Kids With Autism Tend to Visit Doctor More Before Age of 1

closeup shot of a doctor checking a kid

Children later diagnosed with autism and/or ADHD visit doctors and hospitals more often in their first year of life, research finds. The findings, which appear in the journal Scientific Reports, provide evidence that patterns of health care use in a baby’s first year can be gleaned from electronic medical records, serving as a roadmap to provide […]

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